Rootdowns: Songs with Friends

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rootdowns

Title: Songs with Friends
Label: CD Baby

Hammond Organ, Electric Guitar, Drums & Tenor Saxophone produce this group's unique blend of Funk, Jazz, Soul and R&B. The sound pulls from the classic organ trio vibe of Jimmy Smith with a rhythm section focused on the tight grooves and deep pocket of The JBs and Sly Stone. The smooth changes and melodic sensibility is reminiscent of Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan & Donny Hathaway while maintaining a raw underbelly. Inspired by many genres and styles, The Rootdowns have definitely carved out a sound of their own that is both modern and vintage. Organist Brian Mahne and drummer Dusty Ray Simmons met playing in The D.J. Williams Projekt in 2002. They have released several albums together since then, and have been touring and playing shows up and down the east coast opening for bands such as Dave Matthews Band, Soulive, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings to name a few. Dusty and Brian joined forces with guitarist Brian Mesko in 2010 to start The Rootdowns. Mesko had performed in Nashville, TN for years with musicians such as Les McCann, Dr. Lonnie Smith and Tony Monaco. Since moving to Central VA in 2005 he has been very active in the jazz/blues/funk scene, having performed with such artists as Bob Margolin, Robert Jospe, John D'Earth, Funk45 and The Nicholson Brothers. Saxophonist Marcus Tenney of No BS Brass joined the band in late 2012 to record this debut album of eleven original instrumental compositions. Together, the band is growing exceedingly original and funky, not losing site of it's origins while continuing to push the creative envelope... 'Boogie In My Room' (B. Mahne) 'Handle With Care' (B. Mesko) 'Songs With Friends' (B. Mahne) 'You Me & MT' (B. Mahne) 'Porter Jr.' (B. Mesko/Greg Bryant) 'Professor of Love' (The Rootdowns) 'Family' (B. Mesko) 'Fu' (B. Mahne) 'Disco 64' (B. Mahne) 'Baiao' (B. Mahne) 'Swimming' (B. Mesko)

1.1 Boogie in My Room
1.2 Handle with Care
1.3 Songs with Friends
1.4 You Me ; M.T
1.5 Porter JR
1.6 Professor of Love
1.7 Family
1.8 Fu
1.9 Disco 64
1.10 Baiao
1.11 Swimming

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