Rooted in Peace / O.S.T.

Rooted in Peace / O.S.T.: Rooted In Peace (original Soundtrack)

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Artist: Rooted in Peace / O.S.T.
Title: Rooted In Peace (original Soundtrack)

Original soundtrack to the 2018 documentary. Greg Reitman's Rooted In Peace is a globally transformative, socially conscious, environmentally-based film. Reitman's journey of self-analysis resonates with audiences seeking inner peace in a world full of people dominated by war, affected by global warming or haunted by inner conflict. The film follows Greg as he speaks to thought leaders around the world having conversations around sustainable development, discussing the challenges of our never-ending wars, and facing the realities of uncertainty placed on the world's institutions by our current political climate. Reitman's introspective and socially relevant documentary makes Rooted In Peace one of the most unexpectedly inspirational viewing experiences of our time magnified by a stellar soundtrack beginning with Pink Floyd's 'Time' and closing with John Lennon's 'Love.'

1.1 Waving the Flag By K'naan
1.2 If I Had a Hammer By Pete Seeger
1.3 Batman By the Ventures
1.4 Love By John Lennon
1.5 Fireflies By Owl City
1.6 Human By the Killers
1.7 Hurdy Gurdy Man By Donovan
1.8 Pisces Brothers By Mike Love
1.9 Fields of Gild By Sting
1.10 Lets Move the World By Keaton Simons
1.11 Rooted Theme By Andrew Raiher ; Daniel Rojas

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