Rosco Gordon

Rosco Gordon: Bootin: Best of the RPM Years

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rosco Gordon

Title: Bootin: Best of the RPM Years
Label: Ace Records UK

24 tracks from the early '50s, including 'No More Doggin','Booted', 'Saddled the Cow' and 'Dime a Dozen'. Gordon wasone of R&B's brighest young stars in the early '50s. 1998Ace Records release.

1.1 No More Doggin'
1.2 Roscoe's Boogie
1.3 City Woman
1.4 Ouch! Pretty Baby
1.5 Saddled the Cow (And the Milk Horse)
1.6 Dime a Dozen
1.7 A New Remedy for Love
1.8 Booted
1.9 Cold Cold Winter
1.10 Maria
1.11 Mew Orleans Wimmen
1.12 I Remember Your Kisses
1.13 Two Kinds of Women
1.14 What You Got on Your Mind
1.15 Dream Baby Aka Dream on Baby
1.16 Trying
1.17 Lucille (Looking for My Baby)
1.18 Blues for My Baby
1.19 Just in from Texas
1.20 I'm in Love
1.21 Tomorrow May Be Too Late
1.22 We're All Loaded
1.23 Why Do I Love You Baby
1.24 Throwin' My Money Away

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