Rose Melberg

Rose Melberg: Homemade Ship

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Artist: Rose Melberg

Artist: Rose Melberg
Title: Homemade Ship

The songs of Rose Melberg belong to her voice; it's stark stillness is as hauntingly playful and familiar as the first days of fall. Similar to her work with previous bands Tiger Trap and the Softies, her approach is always tender and hushed. Homemade Ship is a small masterpiece. Melberg uses just a guitar and vocals on Homemade Ship (with occasional harmony vocal and piano work provided by Larissa Loyva of the Choir Practice and P: ano), offering helpful and insightfully delicate lyrics to perfectly ease out of sorrow and into contentment.

1.1 Things That We Do
1.2 Look Skyward
1.3 Bear in a Cave
1.4 Outlaws
1.5 Old Days
1.6 Moon Singer
1.7 Homemade Ship
1.8 Clay Bride
1.9 The Whistle Calling You
1.10 Sharks
1.11 Sidewalk
1.12 Truly

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