Rossi, Rose: Rossi, Rose : Hello to You

Rose Rossi: Rossi, Rose : Hello to You
Title: Rossi, Rose : Hello to You
Artist: Rossi, Rose
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 634479594144
Genre: Rock

Rose Rossi is a 24 year old Los Angeles native. From an early age, her parents (both are actors) instilled the love of artistic expression in Rose and her younger sister. They insisted that both daughters study piano, although Rose dreaded lessons and described practicing as a form of torture. To get out of piano lessons she swore she would love music more if only her parents got her a guitar. Indeed, it was true. Rose had found a new best friend. Not only did she practice but she began writing songs. 'Guitar became my tool for exploration and expression. I used it to 'dig deep',' she says with a smile. Her first performing experience came when she was just 11 after starting a band with a couple of friends from school. Rose has always been a natural leader, although she does admit, 'I earned the name Bossy Rossi as a kid.' During high school at an all-girls school in Pasadena, Rose formed a new band with some guys in the area, playing gigs at clubs in Hollywood. Around this time, she resumed studying piano, this time with keyboardist and music producer, Cliff Brodsky. Brodsky recognized Rose's raw talent and flair for performance, and offered her a development deal. However, the sessions were short lived when Rose decided to move to New York and enroll at Sarah Lawrence College. 'It was so important for me to get out of my comfort zone and explore. New York was crazy and I was nuts!' Rose continued to write and play at cafes and open mics in NY. She also traveled to Italy, studying in Florence and Sicily. 'Traveling was inspiring to me and obviously changed my perspective. In addition to all of the stimulation of new surroundings and culture, I found myself spending a great deal of time by myself for the first time, and this was new and fulfilling.' After college Rose moved back to Hollywood and reconnected with Brodsky, they began working hard on studio demos of the tunes Rose had penned over the prior years. At the same time, they began putting together a band and collaborating on new material. Within six months, they began proper recording and Rose's debut album was born, entitled Hello To You. 'All of these songs represent honest moments in my life. They are the revelations of coming into my own, being okay with being angry, or clinging to my little girl tendencies. Growth meant coming to terms with the surprises that revealed themselves in my personality, and learning that it all is okay. As long as you stay truthful it's all okay.' The album is due for an early 2008 release, and Rose plans to support it's release with plenty of touring. She explains, 'Now that the process of recording is over, I am looking forward to getting back out to perform this material live. The theatrics of the whole experience gives an excitement and energy that brings the material alive in a special way.' ______________________________________ ? For more information, contact: ? Brodsky Entertainment, LLC ?(213) 248-1688.

1.1 Fade
1.2 Counting Time
1.3 Shut Down
1.4 Hello to You
1.5 The Fool
1.6 Fall Out Fall in
1.7 Stars
1.8 I Am Trying
1.9 This Is Love
1.10 So Real
1.11 My World
1.12 There Is a Girl

Rossi, Rose: Rossi, Rose : Hello to You


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