Rotary Connection: Best of

Rotary Connection: Best of
Title: Best of
Label: Universal UK

Not your typical Psychedelic Pop record, this was the brainchild of Marshall Chess (son of Chess Records founder Leonard), who wanted to take the Beatles' innovations of classical instrumentation, phenomenal production values, and crazy experimentation to their extreme. He assembled a very talented team: arranger and composer Charles Stephney went on to tremendous success with Earth Wind & Fire; band member Sidney Barnes was soon to work with George Clinton; and backup singer Riperton would later make her name as a solo artist. The arrangements rely heavily on choral singing, plus organ and strings, and occasional sitar, theremin and tabla: no guitars to speak of. The record integrates classical methods better than anything else going on at the time. This album will definitely be of interest to students of '60s Psychedelia. Universal. 2006.

1.1 Magical World
1.2 Love Has Fallen on Me
1.3 Amen
1.4 Rapid Transit
1.5 Burning of the Midnight Lamp
1.6 Living Alone
1.7 I Am the Black Gold of the Sun
1.8 A-Muse
1.9 I Got My Mojo Working
1.10 Sursum Mentes
1.11 Black Noise
1.12 Life Could
1.13 Didn't Want to Have to Do It
1.14 May Our Amens Be True
1.15 Let Them Talk
1.16 Sea ; She
1.17 Hey, Love
1.18 Song for Everyman
1.19 Love Is
1.20 Salt of the Earth
1.21 Respect
1.22 If I Sing My Song
1.23 Weight
1.24 Turn Me on
1.25 Pink Noise
1.26 Love Me Now
1.27 Want You to Know
1.28 Sunshine of Your Love
1.29 This Town
1.30 We're Going Wrong
1.31 Memory Band
1.32 Teach Me How to Fly
1.33 V.I.P
1.34 Tales of Brave Ulysses

Rotary Connection: Best of

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