Rotzkotz: Much Funny

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rotzkotz

Title: Much Funny
Label: Sireena Records

2012 Release. The band with the little appetizing name Rotzkotz ("Snotbarf") belongs to the first wave of German punk/new wave bands. Inspired by the Ramones, Stooges and the Kinks the band played from 1976 on countless shows in West German clubs and bars. Due to the help of their British friends the Rivets, Rotzkotz moved over to England in spring 1979 and recorded the tracks of their debut "Much Funny" in the small Home County Herne Bay Kent Studio in London. This means the first self produced German punk rock album was recorded in England and was originally released on Billy Childish's label.

1.1 The Disco Sound Is Dead
1.2 Lunatic Chick
1.3 Peep Show
1.4 Jet Set Clown
1.5 Hurling
1.6 Lookaround
1.7 Slicky Life
1.8 We're the Rest
1.9 Pressure Mark
1.10 Punk Rocker
1.11 Gettin' to None
1.12 Goin' Mad
1.13 John Peel [Live]
1.14 Yeah Yeah Rotzkotz [Live]
1.15 Dieses Lied Geht Um Die Welt-Das Wars [Live]

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