Rounds Galore & More Singers

Rounds Galore & More Singers: Rounds Galore & More

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Artist: Rounds Galore & More Singers
Title: Rounds Galore & More

Evy Mayer sings and plays ukulele, guitar, dumbek and a host of other percussion instruments. Evy has been involved in folk music since the 1960s, from her first open mike at the Café Wah to her present role as a producer of albums. She currently performs with Jean Farnworth as 'Double Trouble,' with Phyllis Elkind and Don Friedman as 'Triboro,' and also sings and leads workshops with 'The Rounds Galore and More Singers' (Sol 'Roundman' Weber, Jan Maier and Murray & Randi Spiegel). She has produced five albums; 'Rounds Galore... and More, Vols. I and II' (companions to the popular book, 'Rounds Galore'), 'Humor Me!,' as well as 'Soup To Nuts' and 'Born To Shop' (both Double Trouble albums). Evy is a long-time Board member of the Folk Music Society of New York. She collects popular songs of the early 1900s, as well as humorous songs, children's music plus Balkan and other international music. She enjoys singing harmony and funny songs, and to folk dance. Evy has always loved to sing rounds. When she decided she wanted to produce and record a companion album to the popular book, Rounds Galore, she gathered together a group of friends who recorded many of their favorite rounds in exciting arrangements. Evy, being a singer who learns best by ear, included some in 'Rounds Minus One' format, so the listener could sing along in the part left out.

1.1 Scalloped Potatoes
1.2 Smetana
1.3 Home Is the Place
1.4 Eurhythmie
1.5 Snow
1.6 Come with Me/ Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
1.7 Viva la Musica!
1.8 Joy of My Heart
1.9 Birthday
1.10 Long Is Our Winter
1.11 Waiter-Water
1.12 Ah Poor Bird/Peace
1.13 Kyrie
1.14 Onawa's Waltz
1.15 Welcome, Welcome Every Guest
1.16 O, the Time
1.17 Great Tom Is Cast
1.18 My Friend Sharon
1.19 Dona Nobis Pacem (Schickele)
1.20 Four-Way Gospel
1.21 You Are the Life in My Life
1.22 Mozart Drinking Round
1.23 Run Little Lamb
1.24 Scat (Doo-Wop) Round
1.25 Windmills/Jubilate Deo
1.26 The Duchess at Tea
1.27 Come Away, Far Away
1.28 Misty Morning
1.29 Hava Nashira
1.30 A Question of Tempo?
1.31 They for Sudden Joy Did Weep
1.32 The Road (Fall)

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