Roy Fox

Roy Fox: Lullaby of the Leaves

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Roy Fox

Artist: Roy Fox
Title: Lullaby of the Leaves

1.1 Cherie, C'est Vous
1.2 Minnie the Moocher - Al Bowlly
1.3 Kicking the Gong Around - Al Bowlly
1.4 Goodnight, Vienna
1.5 Put That Sun Back in the Sky - Al Bowlly
1.6 The Echo of a Song
1.7 Georgia on My Mind
1.8 Don't Tell a Soul
1.9 Lullaby of the Leaves
1.10 Gone Forever - Al Bowlly
1.11 It's Always Good-Bye - Al Bowlly
1.12 What Makes You So Adorable?
1.13 One More Affair
1.14 Marta - Al Bowlly
1.15 Wherever You Are (I'll Come to You)
1.16 Just Another Dream of You
1.17 I Cover the Waterfront
1.18 I Raised My Hat
1.19 Play to Me, Gipsy
1.20 La Majestica
1.21 Lonely Lane
1.22 How Am I Gonna Keep the News from Mother? - Sid Buckman
1.23 Give Me a Heart to Sing to - Denny Dennis
1.24 My Heart Was Sleeping

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