Roy Meriwether

Roy Meriwether: Live at Gilly's

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Roy Meriwether

Artist: Roy Meriwether
Title: Live at Gilly's

What has been captured on this recording is comparable to one of the best nights at any of the top shelf jazz clubs in the world. Audience members left saying, 'I saw it, but I still don't believe it!' Roy Meriwether is truly unbelievable on this set! You have never heard anyone command a piano like this man. At times his left hand is rolling like thunder and his right hand is like high voltage static electricity. At times his hands are a blur! Yet he plays so sharp and cleanly that you can hear each beautiful, carefully crafted note - all 10,000 of them! Backed up by two outstanding players, Kenny Phelps on drums and Frank Smith on bass, Roy plays a mix of standards you will recognize in a way that makes each tune his own. There is no doubt throughout the night that a great artist is at work. A great artist, and yet full of richness and warmth. This night was a real jazz experience and this CD is the closet thing you can get to being there. If you are not already a Roy Meriwether fan now, you will be after you own this CD - for life!

1.1 I'm Confessin' That I Love You
1.2 Four
1.3 Ah George We Hardly Knew Ya
1.4 Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You
1.5 Sidewalks of New York
1.6 After Hours
1.7 Soup N Onions
1.8 He Knows How Much We Can Bear
1.9 St. James Infirmary Blues
1.10 Jesus Christ Superstar

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