Roy Wood

Roy Wood: Mustard: Remastered & Expanded Edition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Roy Wood

Artist: Roy Wood
Title: Mustard: Remastered & Expanded Edition

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the legendary 1975 album Mustard by Roy Wood. After earning success as a performer and songwriter with The Move, The Electric Light Orchestra and Wizzard, the supremely talented Roy Wood released his second solo album in December 1975. As one might have expected, given the eclectic nature of his previous work, Mustard was diverse in style, but was also a masterpiece. Critics in some quarters hailed the record as Wood's equivalent to the Beach Boys classic album Pet Sounds and the eccentric nature of the album certainly drew on this influence, along with pieces that took inspiration from the producer Phil Spector to Led Zeppelin. Remarkably, Roy Wood not only wrote and produced the album, but also played every instrument featured on the recordings. He was joined by guest vocalists Annie Haslam (of Renaissance) and Phil Everly on the songs 'The Rain Came Down on Everything' and 'Get On Down Home' respectively. Unavailable on CD for many years, this welcome Esoteric Recordings edition has been newly remastered and includes seven bonus tracks drawn from singles released between May 1975 and August 1976, including two released under the Wizzard moniker. The release also restores the original artwork and features a new essay.

1.1 Mustard
1.2 Any Old Time Will Do
1.3 The Rain Came Down on Everything
1.4 You Sure Got It Now
1.5 Why Does Such a Pretty Girl Sing Those Sad Songs
1.6 The Song
1.7 Look Thru the Eyes of a Fool
1.8 Interlude
1.9 Get on Down Home
1.10 Bonus Tracks
1.11 Oh What a Shame
1.12 Bengal Jig
1.13 Rattlesnake Roll
1.14 Can't Help My Feelings
1.15 Strider
1.16 Indiana Rainbow
1.17 The Thing Is This (This Is the Thing)

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