Royal Trux

Royal Trux: Cats & Dogs

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Royal Trux

Title: Cats & Dogs
Label: Drag City
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2010 reissue of this album from the Alt-Rock heroes. Summer '93: whether you believed it or not, the stakes were rising like high water all around. It was better to accept it; there was money in the air for those who wanted some. Royal Trux dreamed about close encounters with money; it was their kind of time. And in kind, they were ready to give music back that would be worth the money worth it for everyone. Meanwhile, it was just over two years since Twin Infinitives redefined the bottom of the barrel for listeners and those who watched the listeners (who listened too of course). Royal Trux had tried silence and they preferred rock and roll. Their untitled album of late 1992 was a sign of life; a sign illuminated by a three-month run down the road in the fall of that year.

1.1 Teeth
1.2 The Flag
1.3 Friends
1.4 The Spectre
1.5 Skywood Greenback Mantra
1.6 Turn of the Century
1.7 Up the Sleeve
1.8 Hot and Cold Skulls
1.9 Tight Pants
1.10 Let's Get Lost
1.11 Driving in That Car (With the Eagle on the Hood)

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