Rozen: Children of Termina

Rozen: Children of Termina
Artist: Rozen
Title: Children of Termina
Product Type: VINYL LP

An ancient tribe used the Majora's Mask, a magical object, in sinister rituals. The troubles caused by the mask were so great that they sealed it in the darkness. For ages, people have worn masks resembling the giants who are the gods of the four worlds. Now, it has become a custom for each person to bring a handmade mask to the Carnival of Time. Children of Termina delves deep into the mysteries hidden within The Legend of Zelda: Majora?s Mask lore. Rozen?s dark and haunting arrangements explore Termina?s unsettling atmosphere. Each arrangement evokes feelings of mystery and wonder with undercurrents of dread and fear. Featuring an impressive roster of live performers and star collaborators, including The Sofia Session Orchestra in Bulgaria, Julie Elven, Celica Soldream, and Reven, Children of Termina takes his symphonic electronic style to new heights.

1.1 The World That Ends in Three Days
1.2 Majora's Mask
1.3 Down the Rabbit Hole
1.4 Termina Field
1.5 The Four Regions
1.6 Deku Palace
1.7 A Moment's Peace
1.8 Stone Tower
1.9 Masked Monsters
1.10 Moon's Tears (Astral Observatory)
1.11 Clock Town
1.12 Final Hours
1.13 March of the Giants
1.14 I Shall Consume Everything
1.15 Inside the Moon
1.16 Song of Healing
1.17 Children of Termina

Rozen: Children of Termina

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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