Rrhot: Master Works: Soundtrack Music from & Inspired By

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rrhot

Title: Master Works: Soundtrack Music from & Inspired By
Label: CD Baby

We are thrilled to collaborate with CBS Sports on their broadcasts of 2 of golf's majors - The Masters and The PGA Championship. We invite you to re-visit through the music, the dramatic moments and stories, along with the inspired play of golf's great athletes making these two of the great sports events of the year. Close your eyes and you can imagine hearing renowned CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz say these legendary words 'A tradition unlike any other'. Enjoy! David & Radical Rob 'No one has captured the spirit and vibe of CBS golf like Radical Rob, Dave Dachinger and their team. Their music is the perfect accompaniment in our efforts to tell a story from some of the most beautiful landscapes in America' Jim Nantz.

1.1 Fore Fathers
1.2 Wii Give Thanks
1.3 The Titleist
1.4 Winged Foot Warriors
1.5 Pictures from Augusta
1.6 Rebirth of a Dynasty
1.7 Carolina Cherry
1.8 Magnolia Lane
1.9 Augusta Dynasty
1.10 Augusta Master Minds
1.11 Grand Canyon of Heroes
1.12 Undaunted Courage
1.13 Avatars of April
1.14 On Spyglass Hill
1.15 Iron Odyssey
1.16 Iron Giants
1.17 Theatre of Pain
1.18 Capn' Shy's Sky Pirates
1.19 Legions of Valor
1.20 Terminus Victor
1.21 Glory's Last Stand

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