Rubin Kinkaid: Don't Ask

Rubin Kinkaid: Don&
Title: Don't Ask
Label: CD Baby

Washington D.C. based band, RK gets edgier in their sophomore effort, Don't Ask. Radio-friendly singles include the driving Pulled and emotionally-charged rock-ballad, Deserve. 'Anything is better than before.' is the phrase of the day on the moving out pop-infused anthem, Goodbye. Title Track, Don't Ask unearths psychic assaults with 'I just had a beautiful day?then I saw your face and it went away.' Wasted growls with passionate female-fronted vocals sitting on top of the rock pile. Sweet harmonies in Camille dress up a story about the search for a friend post-September 11th, supported by well-placed basslines. Check out the searing guitars and haunting harmonies of survival song, Happy Birthday to Me. Don't Ask solidifies RK as a band whose attitude defies it's weary manager namesake - rather, this band brings you freshly grown rock that doesn't rip you off.

1.1 Happy Birthday to Me
1.2 Pulled
1.3 Camille
1.4 Deserve
1.5 Goodbye
1.6 Don't Ask
1.7 Wasted

Rubin Kinkaid: Don't Ask

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