Ruby Braff

Ruby Braff: Complete Original Quartet/Quintet Sessions

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Artist: Ruby Braff

Artist: Ruby Braff
Title: Complete Original Quartet/Quintet Sessions

Although Ruby Braff and Dave McKenna played together on several occasions during their long careers, these two sessions best represent their collective legacy for a number of reasons. It must be said that their recorded collaborations were not as abundant as one might expect. Their two initial sessions together were as sidemen for other musicians: A 1955 date as part of the Benny Goodman septet, and a February 1956 session backing singer Milli Vernon's recording debut. These dates were followed by the two incredible sessions included here. After that, the only known recordings of the Hackett-McKenna partnership are a 1961 live recording at Eddie Condon's with Bobby Hackett and Peanuts Hucko, and two 1991-93 double albums with a band including tenor saxophonist Scott Hamilton. The sessions featured on this edition are, thus, their only true small group quartet/quintet) recordings and the only instrumental sessions they made at the peak of their careers, in which both musicians can be considered, in a way, session leaders. Gambit. 2006.

1.1 Dancing in the Dark
1.2 Blue Prelude
1.3 Why Was I Born?
1.4 Blue (And Broken-Hearted)
1.5 If I Could Be with You
1.6 I'm Crazy About My Baby
1.7 Louisiana
1.8 It's Wonderful
1.9 Almost Like Being in Love
1.10 Lover Come Back to Me
1.11 I Must Have That Man
1.12 As Long As I Live
1.13 Blue, Turning Gray Over You
1.14 If I Had You
1.15 It's Been So Long
1.16 I'm Shooting High
1.17 Stardust
1.18 How Long Has This Been Going On?
1.19 Soft Lights and Sweet Music - Ruby Braff, Benny Goodman Septet, Dave McKenna
1.20 Song Is Ended But the Melody Lingers on

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