Rudi Zygadlo: Great Western Laymen

Rudi Zygadlo: Great Western Laymen
Artist: Rudi Zygadlo
Title: Great Western Laymen
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2010 debut album from the Scottish Modern Electro-Rocker. Zygadlo makes music like no one else. Taking the fundamentals of Dubstep in unique, unexpected directions, he rewires Pop songwriting with a contemporary electronic influence which is drawn from Frank Zappa, John Carpenter, Eastern European classical music and US indie. A disciplined artist, Zygadlo squeezes the most out of what he's got, working with a restricted palette of sounds, using no plug-ins and layering live instruments to give the music added depth.

1.1 Manuscripts Don't Burn
1.2 Something About Faith
1.3 Layman's Requiem
1.4 A Room to Sing
1.5 Perfect Lust
1.6 Filthy Logic
1.7 Magic in the Afternoon
1.8 Song of Praise
1.9 Stop/Reject
1.10 Resealable Friendship
1.11 Missa Per Brevis
1.12 The Man in the Duck
1.13 Opiate of the Mass
2.1 Song of Praise
2.2 Stop/Reject
2.3 Resealable Friendship
2.4 Missa Per Brevis
2.5 The Man in the Duck
2.6 Opiate of the Mass

Rudi Zygadlo: Great Western Laymen

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