Rudy Adrian

Rudy Adrian: As Dusk Becomes Night

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rudy Adrian

Title: As Dusk Becomes Night
Label: Spotted Peccary

As Dusk Becomes Night, Rudy Adrian's 17th full length studio album, discovers a quieter and more personal exploration of the sounds and atmospheres that suggest the transition of evening into night. Whether it is the strolling through a park with trees silhouetting a star-speckled sky, looking down to a desolate moonlit beach, or observing the twinkling lights of a city from above, the subtly shifting synthesizer overtones and calming organic textures simulate the moment of the astronomical twilight in Adrian's native New Zealand homeland. The shifting hues and deepening fading light magically transform into awe-inspiring moments of introspection in the hands of such an accomplished electronic music artist

1.1 Stars Appear
1.2 As Dusk Becomes Night
1.3 Conifer Grove
1.4 Starlane
1.5 Moa Caves
1.6 The Crepuscular Wildlife
1.7 Moonlit Beach (for Jeff)
1.8 Lakeside Shelter
1.9 Western Wind
1.10 Night Becomes Dawn
1.11 Sunny Day

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