Rumba Con Son: Que Siga la Rumba

Rumba Con Son: Que Siga la Rumba
Title: Que Siga la Rumba
Label: CD Baby

Fresh out of the oven, covered in hot salsa! Our first album, "Que Siga la Rumba" is a faithful representation of the quality, energy and musical diversity Rumba Con Son presents on stage at every show. It contains 8 original tunes: 4 salsas, 2 merengues and 2 bachatas with lyrics by our lead singer, Moises Torres, and music by the band's music director, Jose G. Abreu. Seasoned to perfection, each track is based on our own real-life experiences, and made with the dancer in mind. Even the bachatas, which are actually quite romantic, have an upbeat tempo which makes you want to get up and dance. Que Siga la Rumba, which translates into "Let the Party Continue," represents our believe that, in spite and along side of new and ever emerging styles of Latin music, the traditional salsa, merengue and bachata we grew up with will continue to appeal to music lovers and dancers of all ages. We support the new emerging styles of music, provided it is done with quality. For example, the 7th track on our album, "Pal Party" is in the flavor of the newer style of merengue called merenmambo, but maintains the essence of the basic merengue rhythm. The 1st and 2nd tracks of the album, "Siempre Positivo," and "La Consecuencia," contain a positive message in the lyrics supported by a hard salsa style rhythm which will, positively, make you dance with happy consequences. The other 2 salsas in the album, tracks 4 and 6, "Único Amor" and "No Tengas Miedo Al Amor," respectively, contain more romantic lyrics, but maintain the hard salsa style flavor which characterizes Rumba Con Son. The remaining merengue in track 3 "Loco Crazy," is simply a challenge to see if you can really resist dancing when you hear it. It's an upbeat tune in the full merengue band style made popular by some of the top merengue bands in the history of the genre. The 2 bachatas in tracks 5 and 8, "Cuando Yo La Ví," and "Sólo Pienso En Tí" can be best characterized as romantic upbeat bachatas. They incorporate saxophones to the basic bachata instrumentation for a fuller and more danceable sound. Although this is our first album, it is supported by close to 5 years of live performances by the band. During these 5 years, we have tried to capture the essence of what fans want to hear and dance to when they hire and come to see our band perform. "Que Siga la Rumba" is the product of these 5 years of learning and hard work. We hope to count on your support to make this, our first album, a success.

1.1 Siempre Positivo
1.2 La Consecuencia
1.3 Loco Crazy
1.4 Único Amor
1.5 Cuando Yo la VÍ
1.6 No Tengas Miedo Al Amor
1.7 Pal Party
1.8 Solo Pienso en TÍ

Rumba Con Son: Que Siga la Rumba

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