Ruperts People: 45 RPM: 45 Years of Ruperts People Music

Title: 45 RPM: 45 Years of Ruperts People Music
Label: MVD (Generic)

Ruperts People sprang into confusing existence in 1967 although the seed was actually sown in 1964 when ROD LYNTON teamed up with STEVE BRENDALL in an early group called The EXTRAVERTS. Released in 1967 "Reflections Of Charles Brown" was credited to a band that didn't exist, and was itself a re-arrangement of a flipside issued only weeks before by a group who would eventually adapt the moniker of that non existent group. This possibly unique situation typifies the confusion and conjecture that has surrounded a group who for decades have been the subject of speculation amongst beat and psychedelic enthusiasts-Ruperts People

1.1 All So Long Ago - the Sweet Feeling
1.2 Dream in My Mind
1.3 I Can Show You
1.4 Hold on
1.5 Prologue to a Magic World
1.6 Charles Brown
1.7 Reflections of Charles Brown
1.8 Rain
1.9 My Mind's Eye
1.10 Flying High
1.11 You Can't Always Get What You Want
1.12 Reflecting
1.13 Suzanne - Matchbox
1.14 Don't Shut Me Out - Matchbox
1.15 Miss America - Swampfox
1.16 I've Got a Thing About You Baby - Swampfox
1.17 Summer Rain - Rod Lynton
1.18 River Lady - Swampfox

Ruperts People: 45 RPM: 45 Years of Ruperts People Music

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