Rural Kings

Rural Kings: Dandelions

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Artist: Rural Kings

Artist: Rural Kings
Title: Dandelions

The Rural Kings debut release, Dandelions, is a collection of originals, traditionals, and covers in a mix of bluegrass, americana, swing, and folk genres. Vocals and instrumentation are spotlights, with tasteful mandolin and fiddle from Mark Stoffel (Chris Jones and the Nightdrivers) throughout. Haunting vocals are provided by Kelley Sims on the traditionals, Shut Up in the Mines at Coal Creek and The Blackest Crow, as well as capable and tasteful guitar and harmony vocals from Sims throughout the recording. Accordion from Mila Maring lends a subtle and unique touch to the bluegrass tunes, and serves as a theme for Maring's celtic-influenced original, Potato Farmer's Dream. Angelic harmonies and fiddle from Emily and Alysha Bankester (The Bankester Family) grace the waltz, as well as Laurie Lewis', Oh My Malissa (a story of the courtship of the parents of Bill Monroe), and a cover of Hank Williams', I Can't Get You Off of My Mind. Toby Merriman covers Chris Stapleton's, Can You Run, powerfully and gracefully, and leaves the listener wanting to hear more of his voice (which will be featured in the subsequent RKings release!) Dandelions, the title track, is an original from Mila Maring, and, along with the other originals (Potato Farmer's Dream, So Many Roads, and I Don't Hear the Whippoorwill), grab the listener's ear both lyrically and instrumentally.

1.1 Shut Up in the Mines at Coal Creek
1.2 Dandelions
1.3 Leavin'
1.4 Potato Farmer's Dream
1.5 My Little Red Wagon
1.6 So Many Roads
1.7 Oh My Malissa
1.8 Silver Tongue and Gold-Plated Lies
1.9 Moonshiner
1.10 I Can't Get You Off My Mind
1.11 The Blackest Crow
1.12 Can You Run
1.13 I Don't Hear the Whipporwill

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