Russ Landery

Russ Landery: Indian Summer

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Russ Landery

Title: Indian Summer
Label: CD Baby

Russ Landery is a Jazz Soul Music Artist, Russ knows the importance of peace and living and enjoying every moment in life to the fullest. Russ has been blessed by being able to travel all over the world sharing his form of Jazz/ funk fusion Soul music. He plays bass, keyboards and various percussion instruments as well; the listener may even hear a spoon on a baby food or jelly jar. Russ is deeply influenced by his environment; having grown up outside of Chicago far below the poverty line, he learned to appreciate simple free adventures such as the sounds of a city. Russ also grew up as a stutterer and often sat for hours in silence, watching and listening to his surroundings; now he manages to project himself clearly through his music. Russ believes music is an expression of true emotion and each note should speak to your soul. Russ calls himself one with nature and wholeheartedly believes he can actually take people away from pain and suffering through music. Russ takes us on a beautiful journey through New Orleans, Malaysia, Jamaica, and The Maldives and as unpredictable weather he opens the doors so we too can experience an Indian summer. We are so fortunate to have experienced the wonderful music of this humble amazing artist and are hopeful he will come back to our country soon- Raggi.

1.1 Indian Summer
1.2 Jahmisa
1.3 Delhi Spring
1.4 Blushing Rose
1.5 Maldives
1.6 Things I Thought I Knew
1.7 Montego Bay
1.8 Sunrise
1.9 Rain Dance
1.10 My Island Chair
1.11 Madras Rain
1.12 Monkey King of Penang
1.13 Island Carnival
1.14 Life After Midnite
1.15 Fiddlers Funk

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