Russell August Stanziale

Russell August Stanziale: Hoodlum

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Artist: Russell August Stanziale
Title: Hoodlum

I have agonized over every word and every note for each of the songs on this album. I have taken them seriously, but I hope that you won't have to do so. They are meant to be simple and comfortable, like bacon or cold beer.

1.1 Headlights and Taillights
1.2 No Good News in Dixie
1.3 The Day Before My Baby Bit the Apple
1.4 Curious Girls
1.5 Perfect Plan
1.6 Love Ain't Practical
1.7 Uno, Dos, Tres
1.8 There Goes My Halo
1.9 Cat Caught the Hummingbird
1.10 That's Why the Old Men Cry
1.11 Preacher's a Friend of Mine
1.12 Thin Air

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