Russell Buddy Helm: Affirmations in Rock: Affroc

Russell Buddy Helm: Affirmations in Rock: Affroc
Title: Affirmations in Rock: Affroc
Label: CD Baby

Affirmations do not have to be boring. This music kicks and swings like a roller coaster on Saturday night. Have fun while reinforcing good beliefs. Rockin choruses to sing along with. Combining the best elements of rock n roll, jazz, rhythm n blues, folk and pop with the higher good intentions of affirmations. AffRoc is not music. It is something else. All my years as a drummer and touring/recording musician combined with my years of drumming meditation teacher has resulted in a new breed of music. This is just the beginning of a series of affirmations that kick some butt and have good music in them. There are some that are milder arrangements and some that are more driving. Nice Telecaster guitar, organ, keyboards, Synth strings, Sitar, Real drumset without a click track and without fake drum machine parts. Real recorded Gretch drumset that has all the snakey grooves from my many years of drumming behind the greats. This was fun to do. It's fun to play live. It's is improvised but also thought out and arranged for maximum psychic effect. The trance grooves will take you there. These affirmations will sink deep into your belief system and give you a motivated, bright outlook while getting you to move and dance at the same time. Affroc! It's time has come!

1.1 Thank-You for Living My Dream
1.2 I Believe in Myself
1.3 Universe Bring It to Me
1.4 I Feel Good About Myself
1.5 Show Me the Magic
1.6 Thank You for Living My Dream Slow
1.7 I Have Everything I Need to Succeed
1.8 Thank You for All of This Money Coming to Me Right Now
1.9 I Love Myself
1.10 When I Feel This Bad Everything Is Going the Best
1.11 Free the Funk Thank-You to My Body
1.12 I Deserve to Succeed
1.13 I Love Myself Vers 1
1.14 I Am Surviving and Thriving
1.15 I Can Change
1.16 Thank You to My Body Yo Body

Russell Buddy Helm: Affirmations in Rock: Affroc

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