Russell Buddy Helm: Drumming Affirmations Vol. 1

Russell Buddy Helm: Drumming Affirmations Vol. 1
Title: Drumming Affirmations Vol. 1
Label: CD Baby

HelmTone Healing Drum grooves has proven to be effective for many different conditions ranging from stress to serious illness. These grooves are based on the old school Rhythm and Blues grooves that I played while a professional drummer in the Deep South of the Sixties. The real grooves, not loops. The affirmations come out of the recovery groups I work with every week. These affirmations are like subconscious refrains that repeat positive instructions to our belief system even when we don't consciously remember to do it. The grooves go deep because they are based on eternal sacred grooves that humans have always used for magickal healing and manifesting. This stuff works!

1.1 Welcome Powers
1.2 I Have Self Confidence Now
1.3 I Am in My Higher Self
1.4 I Am Loved
1.5 I Am Proud of Myself
1.6 I Feel Good Abou Myself
1.7 I Have a Strong Sense of Self
1.8 My Life Is Beautiful
1.9 My Life Is Easy
1.10 Taking Good Care of Myself
1.11 Free of the Past
1.12 Quiet the Inner Critic
1.13 I Can Do This
1.14 I Am Safe Now
1.15 Thank-You Powers

Russell Buddy Helm: Drumming Affirmations Vol. 1

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