Ruth B

Ruth B: Safe Haven

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Artist: Ruth B

Artist: Ruth B
Title: Safe Haven
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Safe Haven is the highly anticipated 2017 debut album from multi-platinum singer/songwriter Ruth B., who broke onto the music scene in 2016 with the single "Lost Boy," a song that not only garnered critical and commercial accolades, but also became a global radio, streaming, and video hit. "Lost Boy" was also included on Ruth's original 4 track EP release, The Intro, which set the stage for the album Safe Haven. The set is produced by Joel Little, who previously collaborated with Lorde on her multi-platinum debut, among others. Ruth wrote and composed all 12 tracks on Safe Haven herself, and the result is a beautifully layered collection of relevant pop songs. Along with "Lost Boy," the album includes tracks like "Mixed Signals, Unrighteous," "If This Is Love," and a stunning new production of the single "Superficial Love," where the singer redefines the rules for going beyond the surface of relationships. Ruth's impactful delivery on "Superficial Love" was achieved by multi tracking her vocals, and the song will be the hit that launches this album.

1.1 Mixed Signals 4:15
1.2 Dandelions 3:53
1.3 Unrighteous 4:00
1.4 Superficial Love (Single Version) 3:39
1.5 If This Is Love 3:49
1.6 Lost Boy 4:36
1.7 Young 3:44
1.8 If By Chance 5:03
1.9 World War 3 3:55
1.10 Safe Haven 3:23
1.11 In My Dreams 4:09
1.12 First Time 3:17

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