Ruth Brown: The Queen Of R&B: The Singles & Albums Collection 1949-61

Ruth Brown: The Queen Of R&B: The Singles & Albums Collection 1949-61
Title: The Queen Of R&B: The Singles & Albums Collection 1949-61
Label: Acrobat

Perhaps more than any other artist, Ruth Brown helped lead the way in bridging the gap between R&B and pop as far as female artists were concerned, paving the way for the likes of Mary Wells and Aretha Franklin in the '60s. So successful was she that she became known as "The Queen Of R&B" and her record company Atlantic was sometimes referred to as "the house that Ruth built", so much did her hits contribute to the label's commercial fortunes. Between 1949 and 1962 she racked up 25 R&B hits, including five No. 1s, with several crossing into the pop charts. This great-value 109-track 4-CD set comprises just about all the A & B sides of her singles on Atlantic and Philips during these years, which include the titles from her albums "Rock 'n' Roll" and "Miss Rhythm", plus most of the titles from her albums "Late Date With Ruth" for Atlantic and "Along Comes Ruth" for Philips. It features all her 25 career R&B and pop chart hits including the R&B No. 1s "Teardrops From My Eyes", "5-10-15 Hours", "(Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean", "Oh What A Dream" and "Mambo Baby". It's a substantial and comprehensive overview of her primary career as a chart artist, and a highly entertaining showcase for her unique talent as a pop and R&B song stylist.

1.1 So Long
1.2 It's Raining
1.3 I'll Get Along Somehow - Part 1
1.4 I'll Get Along Somehow - Part 2
1.5 Rocking Blues
1.6 Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe
1.7 Love Me Baby
1.8 (I'll Come Back) Someday
1.9 Why?
1.10 I Can Dream Can't I?
1.11 Sentimental Journey
1.12 Where Can I Go?
1.13 Dear Little Boy Of Mine
1.14 Teardrops From My Eyes
1.15 Am I Making The Same Mistake Again
1.16 I'll Wait For You
1.17 Standin' On The Corner
1.18 I Know
1.19 I Don't Want Anybody (If I Can't Have You)
1.20 Shine On (Big Bright Moon Shine On)
1.21 Without My Love
1.22 5-10-15 Hours
1.23 Be Anything But Be Mine
1.24 Daddy Daddy
1.25 Have A Good Time
2.1 Three Letters
2.2 Good For Nothing Joe
2.3 (Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean
2.4 R.B. Blues
2.5 Wild Wild Young Men
2.6 Mend Your Ways
2.7 The Tears Keep Tumbling Down
2.8 I Would If I Could
2.9 Love Contest
2.10 If You Don't Want Me
2.11 It's All In Your Mind
2.12 If I Had Any Sense
2.13 Hello Little Boy
2.14 Oh What A Dream
2.15 Please Don't Freeze
2.16 Mambo Baby
2.17 Somebody Touched Me
2.18 Bye Bye Young Men
2.19 Ever Since My Baby's Been Gone
2.20 As Long As I'm Moving
2.21 I Can See Everybody's Baby
2.22 It's Love Baby (24 Hours Of The Day)
2.23 What'd I Say
2.24 Love Has Joined Us Together
2.25 I Gotta Have You
2.26 Old Man River
3.1 I Want To Do More
3.2 Sweet Baby Of Mine
3.3 I'm Getting Right
3.4 I Want To Be Loved
3.5 Mom, Oh Mom
3.6 Smooth Operator
3.7 I Still Love You
3.8 Lucky Lips
3.9 My Heart Is Breaking Over You
3.10 When I Get You Baby
3.11 One More Time
3.12 Show Me
3.13 I Hope We Meet (On The Road Someday)
3.14 A New Love
3.15 Look Me Up
3.16 Book Of Lies
3.17 Just Too Much
3.18 This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'
3.19 Why Me
3.20 Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean
3.21 I'll Step Aside
3.22 5-10-15 Hours
3.23 Itty Bitty Girl
3.24 Jack O'Diamonds
3.25 I Can't Hear A Word You Say
3.26 I Don't Know
3.27 Papa Daddy
3.28 Don't Deceive Me
3.29 I Burned Your Letter
3.30 The Door Is Still Open
4.1 What I Wouldn't Give
4.2 Taking Care Of Business
4.3 Honey Boy
4.4 Sure 'Nuff
4.5 Here He Comes
4.6 Anyone But You
4.7 It Tears Me All To Pieces
4.8 Shake A Hand
4.9 Say It Again
4.10 Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean
4.11 Hold My Hand
4.12 It Could Happen To You
4.13 Why Don't You Do Right
4.14 Bewitched
4.15 I'm Just A Lucky So And So
4.16 You And The Night And The Music
4.17 You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
4.18 I'm Beginning To See The Light
4.19 I Loves You Porgy
4.20 Let's Face The Music And Dance
4.21 Cry, Cry, Cry
4.22 Why Don't You Write Me
4.23 It's Too Late
4.24 Jim Dandy
4.25 Sea Of Love
4.26 Love, Love, Love
4.27 Please Accept My Love
4.28 The Treasure Of Love

Ruth Brown: The Queen Of R&B: The Singles & Albums Collection 1949-61

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