Ruth Manenti Lauer

Ruth Manenti Lauer: Offering of Leaves

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Artist: Ruth Manenti Lauer
Title: Offering of Leaves

For many years at the Jivamukti Yoga School in New York City and throughout the country, popular and highly regarded yoga teacher Ruth Lauer-Manenti (affectionately known as "Lady Ruth") has been offering her students "dharma talks"-stories from her life that accompany her classes and represent the yogic commitments to ahimsa (non-violence), compassion, and service. Some of these talks have now been collected in a book, many of them accompanied by a reading from classic Hindu texts, such as The Bhagavad Gita, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Composed with humor and sensitivity, An Offering of Leaves is the perfect gift for the aspiring yoga practioner and any spiritual seeker wanting to live with thoughtfulness and integrity.

1.1 Title and Dedications
1.2 Explanation of the Ancient Scriptures Used
1.3 Foreword By David Life - David Life
1.4 Introduction
1.5 An Offering of Leaves
1.6 Orthodox and Reformed Temples
1.7 Children and Animals
1.8 Preserving the Lineage
1.9 Pickled Peppers
1.10 Handmade Perfection
1.11 Shakunthala's Birthday
1.12 Take Your Co-Workers to Lunch
1.13 Knitting Blankets
1.14 Seeing Ourselves
1.15 Bending the Rules
1.16 Roderick and the Infinite
1.17 Wealth on An Empty Kitchen Table
1.18 So Many Broken Hearts
1.19 Once Upon a Time
1.20 Ants Carrying Carrots
1.21 Do a Dirty Job
1.22 What Can I Do?
1.23 Not Knowing When Death Occurs
1.24 A Mother's Love
1.25 Ram's Greatest Quality
1.26 The Chewed-Up Cat
1.27 The Blessing of the Elder
1.28 Man Cannot Live on Bread Alone
1.29 Carry It Through
1.30 An Arrogant Student
1.31 The Tong Len
1.32 Holy Objects
1.33 Reverence for the Totality of Creation
1.34 A Tinge of Sadness
1.35 The Transmission
1.36 The Beautiful Alphabet
1.37 Don't Divide the Fruit
1.38 Wanting Things and Not Wanting Things
1.39 Jayashree Has the Vedas
1.40 Murata's Coat
1.41 The Lord Brings Rice
1.42 Corpse Pose
1.43 Take Your Seat
1.44 Being Together Is the Teaching
1.45 You Pray God
1.46 Donation

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