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Ryan Broshear: Ryan Broshear

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Artist: Ryan Broshear

Title: Ryan Broshear
Label: CD Baby

"I grew up here on the farm catching lightning bugs in mason jars." Ryan Broshear is the living breathing soul and embodiment of Country Music. His mother gave him his first guitar when he was 12 years old. His father gave him the lessons of a hard-working blue collar man who shared the music on the radio to express his feelings. With roots in Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, and a couple places in between, Ryan Broshear's entire life has been set to the soundtrack of a classic country song. It's about paying dues, building relationships and rolling with the punches. His self titled debut album packed with original songs was recorded in 2011 at Curb Studios in Nashville. It is sure to become that favorite CD that folks play again and again, and add to the soundtrack of their lives. These are the songs born of long drives, tough times, falling in love, and pick-up trucks getting repossessed. These are the twangs and reverb of an authentic bluesy artist strumming and picking his way into your heart. This is the kind of good ole'county music that can't be faked or manufactured. Hey any die hard country fan can tell ya, they can't teach this stuff in classroom. The singer songwriter has to have lived it first hand in order make this kind of honest down-home music. Ryan Broshear really has lived it. From growing up on a farm, to playing nightclubs in Nashville, to chasing that dream of music anywhere it took him, Ryan Broshear is the real thing. It just doesn't get more country than this. With anthems like "Make Each Moment Last," "Countrything," and "Damn Good Place to Start," Ryan's songs speak to one and all. "I Don't Mind," and "Where Have All the Good Girls Gone" exemplify exactly why Country music is the sound of America. Through these songs Ryan Broshear voices feelings we all know in one way or another: the special relationship between father and son, the discovery of life's inspiration, and the nod due to man's best friend... his dog. It's clear and simple. Ryan Broshear is doing country proud. "Give me that steel guitar, don't hold nothing back. I'm shooting straight from the heart there's no arguing with that."

1.1 I'm Rich
1.2 Run for the Border
1.3 Let Your Redneck Out
1.4 I Don't Mind
1.5 Make Each Moment Last
1.6 Damn Good Place to Start
1.7 Right Here
1.8 Along for the Ride
1.9 Where Have All the Good Girls Gone
1.10 Countrything

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