Ryu Bok-Sung & the Traffic Lights

Ryu Bok-Sung & the Traffic Lights: Walking alone in the Meyong-Dong gil

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Artist: Ryu Bok-Sung & the Traffic Lights
Title: Walking alone in the Meyong-Dong gil
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Ryu Bok-Sung, who began his career as a jazz drummer, was a central figure in the early jazz scene of Korea, through his work with the Lee Bong-jo orchestra and the Jazz Messengers. With a particular love for Latin jazz styles - such as Afro-Cuban - Ryu formed the band 'Latin Koreana', which released it's debut album in 1972. Latin pop and jazz made up the bulk of this band's repertoire. Among his band mates was Kang Byeong-cheol, from 'Kang Byeong-cheol and the Baskets'. In addition to works to his and his band's name, Ryu was also very active as a session percussionist in various other gayo records, encompassing genres including rock, folk, and jazz. Some of the more noteworthy works among these include the early works by Han Dae-soo, Lee Pan-geun & the Korea Jazz Quintet '78, the Rainbow Quintet, and the albums of 'Nami and Franco Romano Band'. Via a chance meeting with Choi Dong-gwon, the proprietor of International Productions, Ryu was afforded the opportunity to bring his musical conceptions to life. Thus came to be the ambitious Latin pop-jazz album, Ryu Bok-Sung and the Traffic Lights, which featured songs in styles ranging from bossa nova, boogaloo, and others, played by a jazz orchestra ensemble unheard of in Korea's gayo history. Longtime collaborator Jung Seong-jo participated as song arranger and orchestra conductor. Other credited musicians included various other jazz veterans who had been active alongside Ryu in Korea's jazz scene. This album also features Ryu's first rendition of 'Walking the Streets of Myeongdong Alone', a tune that was originally released by Lee Yong-bok. This reissue is a 7" single edition of Ryu's most famous track, 'Walking the Streets of Myeongdong Alone', with an adapted version of 'Tequila' (under the title 'Feeling Good'), the Latin pop masterpiece by Chuck Rio, on the b-side.

1.1 Walking alone in the Meyong-Dong gil
1.2 Tequila

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