Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Bttb

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Artist: Ryuichi Sakamoto
Title: Bttb
Product Type: VINYL LP

As one-third of Yellow Magic Orchestra and an Academy Award-winning composer for his work on the soundtrack for The Last Emperor, synth pop innovator Ryuichi Sakamoto is among the most groundbreaking artists to have emerged since the late 70s. A musician's musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto has created intriguing musical unions with artists such as David Sylvian, Iggy Pop, Tony Williams, Bootsy Collins, Jacques Morelenbaum and many others. Originally released in 1998, BTTB (an acronym for "Back To The Basics") was a major commercial hit for Ryuichi Sakamoto. The album is comprised entirely of original solo piano pieces, both delicate and frantic, with deep impressionist-inspired roots. Currently a rare and hard-to-find album outside of Japan, BTTB is being reissued in celebration of it's 20th anniversary. BTTB - 20th Anniversary Edition includes all the tracks featured in the original release of the album, including the major hit "Energy Flow", remastered for the 21st Century.

1.1 Opus
1.2 Sonatine
1.3 Intermezzo
1.4 Lorenz and Watson
1.5 Choral No.1
1.6 Choral No.2
1.7 Do Bacteria Sleep?
1.8 Bachata
1.9 Chanson
1.10 Distant Echo
1.11 Prelude
1.12 Sonata
1.13 Uetax
1.14 Aqua
1.15 Snake Eyes
1.16 Tong Poo
1.17 Energy Flow
1.18 Reversin

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