S.H.O: Energy

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Artist: S.H.O

Artist: S.H.O
Title: Energy

Point of S.H.O's rap is hung up the U.S. Hip Hop and using his own words with his sounds. He brings his message that anger, dolor or amusement to all listeners in the world. Please get the idea of S.H.O's ENERGY through this album. One of the essential track of this album is Even If It Ends feat. Az One. Az One is the great R&B singer in the U.S. S.H.O express his real life and tell his conviction, dream, struggle and hope. He wants to give a hope to people. Private Shot feat. Vessy is dance tune. Vessy is the famous Pop music artist in Bulgaria. This song is Pop style Hip Hop. S.H.O's unknown possibility is came from POWER which is he often says. S.H.O who was a famous alpine ski player has a strong conviction. It's came from his hardship life. He debuted as Hip Hop artist for his 1st album "RIZE & PEASE" on January 20, 2008. He was on cover of hip hop magazine and his album was played at worldwide radio stations. This album that is including "Never Give Up" was rated highly as a classic. On 2008, he has released his 2nd album "BRAND" on September 19. It contains 15 tunes including once-hailed songs "Brand", "Let's Go" and "My Way". S.H.O appeared on a full page of THE SOURCE MAGAZINE as known as the BEST HIP HOP magazine in the U.S. on 2009 April/May issue.

1.1 Warning
1.2 Beast Mode
1.3 Wake Up
1.4 Letter
1.5 Selfman
1.6 Go Crazy
1.7 For My People (Feat. Spyda)
1.8 Break It Down (Feat. Vursatyle)
1.9 Private Shot (Feat. Vessy)
1.10 Drop Flyer
1.11 Even If It Ends (Feat. Az One)
1.12 Ascension
1.13 Keep Your Style
1.14 The Ground

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