S-Word-S: Breath

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Product Type: CD
Artist: S-Word-S

Title: Breath
Label: CD Baby

S-Word-S is born in 1981, from Cesare "Kess Mc May" Maggiolo and Fabio "Max" Pastore, during the high school. Means are few, but will is strong for the age and years, and so the following year they edit two songs in a rock compilation, St. Anthony's Fire (Grillo Rec., 1982) and after this the first demotape. They begin to be known in the Italian rock underground, and in 1985 comes the firs album "The Black Opera", that, with Lady's Crying For Me entered in the Top Ten of two French radio charts.. From here, live concerts all over the country, growing and changing line ups, and winning national rock contests (es Chianciano Rock 1991), the band arrives to the second album, in 1993: "The Reason Why", produced by Gala Records, and Ricordi distributed. This work goes across all Northern Europe, Japan and Canada (here, for a local artist, is remastered the song "You And Me", edited like a single), and the Italian promotion is by the opening acts to the Guitar Noir Tour by ex Genesis historical guitarist Steve Hackett. The record was ready to be edit, re-recorded and mastered with another name (Never Enough), in UK, but a misunderstanding with the English label wiped out the project. Following these facts, the band stops for some years, and the musicians follows solo projects. Finally, in 2005, the re-union, with Andrea Fabris (drums), to compose and arrange the 12 songs + 2 B-side for "Breath", produced by Fabio Pastore, that begins a new way for the band in lyrics, music and meanings, played and sung with excellent musicians like Gabriel Ogrin (keyboards and sequencing) and Tiziana Guerra (vocals). Following live promotion also will see very good participations, like Martino Beria (bass) and Davide Schimd (drums) . Through these days, the agreements with Italian and foreign labels to re-edit The Reason Why and The Black Opera. September 2010 new album in progress.

1.1 Do It
1.2 Don't Give Up
1.3 Pray for Me
1.4 Silent Angel
1.5 Holy Dis-Orders
1.6 Sea Song
1.7 I Saw Inside
1.8 The Difference
1.9 Devour the Power
1.10 Waiting for the Moonlight
1.11 Time
1.12 Burning in My Heart
1.13 Burning in My Heart B-Side
1.14 I Saw Inside B-Side

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