Sabiendas: Repulsive Transgression

Sabiendas: Repulsive Transgression
Title: Repulsive Transgression
Label: Massacre

Sabiendas are back with their new album "Repulsive Transgression", and serve music in the vein of extreme US death metal! "Repulsive Transgression" is the next logical step following the release of "Column Of Skulls", and includes influences from all band members - just like it also happened on previous releases. The results of the songwriting are catchier and more balanced on one hand, but also more extreme on the other hand. The use of a metronome was deliberately avoided in order to emphasize the live character of the songs and to create additional natural dynamics. The lyrics on "Repulsive Transgression" mainly deal with crimes, the breaking of taboos and rejections, which are - in a cultural context - perceived as particularly extreme by society. This includes sexually motivated and ritual cannibalism as well as the crimes of Albert Fish and Josef Fritzl. References to classic literature, but also modern horror movies, can also be found.

1.1 Intro
1.2 The Human Centipede
1.3 General Butt Naked
1.4 Savagery and Bloodthirst
1.5 Served Cold
1.6 The Siege
1.7 The Grey Man
1.8 Zombified
1.9 Divine Manhunt
1.10 Dungeon Keeper

Sabiendas: Repulsive Transgression

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