Sacred June

Sacred June: True

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Artist: Sacred June

Artist: Sacred June
Title: True

August. 2003. Corner of 16th and Broad. A Louisiana native walks into a dark Café just in time to see her finishing a sound check. Dream girl sits in the spotlight with a guitar in her lap. After her impressive set, he approaches her with the best pickup line he could come up with... "Do you ever" This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. This husband-wife duo makes beautiful pop-grass acoustic music. Their message is positive without being preachy. Lighthearted yet noteworthy. Entertaining. Influential. It's Jacob on guitar, upright bass and harmonica. It's Annalise on fiddle, mandolin, cello and guitar. It's pure acoustic music for the road less traveled. It's Sacred June.

1.1 Gossip
1.2 True
1.3 Upside-Down
1.4 Angel
1.5 Kiss the Girl
1.6 Away
1.7 Didn't Have Love
1.8 Brand New Boy
1.9 In the Palm of Your Hand

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