Saiah: Who?

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Artist: Saiah

Artist: Saiah
Title: Who?

With a blend of creative lyrical content and innovative beats that make you want to get up and move, Saiah brings a refreshing, unique sound to the genre while staying true to the foundation of Hip Hop music. An album with something for everybody.

1.1 Said So
1.2 Crazy
1.3 My Revenge (Feat. G-Wes)
1.4 Nowhere (Feat. Whitney Hogan)
1.5 Just Gotta Know (Feat. Newman III and MJ)
1.6 Tomorrow
1.7 You Make Me Feel
1.8 Big Business
1.9 Get Down
1.10 Crazy Remix (Feat. Octavia Wilder)
1.11 Look in My Eyes
1.12 Karma
1.13 Don't Care Anymore
1.14 5 O'Clock Shadow
1.15 Fever
1.16 Church

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