Saint Nektarios Monastery

Saint Nektarios Monastery: Journey to Christmas

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Artist: Saint Nektarios Monastery
Title: Journey to Christmas

A selection of hymns recorded live in the monastery chapel during Christmas Lent and Christmas day. These chants place the listener alongside the fathers in the moving and awe-inspiring atmosphere of worship in the Greek Orthodox tradition.

1.1 Glory "O Holy, Blessed, and Wise Father Spyridon" (Mode I)
1.2 Both Now "Prepare Thyself O Cave" (Mode PL. II)
1.3 Sticheron Prosomoion "As If in a Refreshing Mist" (Mode PL. Iv)
1.4 Glory "The Fathers Prior to the Law" (Mode PL. II)
1.5 Dismissal Hymn "In Faith the Forefathers" (Mode II)
1.6 Idiomelon "Let Us Celebrate the Forefeast of Christ's Birth" (Mode I)
1.7 Idiomelon "O Bethlehem, the Land of Judah" (Mode II)
1.8 Automelon "O House of Ephratha" (Mode II)
1.9 Glory "Daniel, a Man of Desires" (Mode PL. II)
1.10 Glory of Liti "Rejoice, O Honorable Prophets" (Mode II)
1.11 Both Now "Do Not Be Gloomy Joseph" (Mode PL. I)
1.12 Glory "The Universe Today" (Mode II)
1.13 Glory to God in the Highest" (Mode PL. II) By TH. Stanitsas (1987)
1.14 Iambic Katavasia of the 9th Ode "It Is Sufficient for Us" (Mode I)
1.15 Glory "When the Time Had Come" (Mode PL. II) By G. Karagiannis
1.16 "All Who Have Been Baptized Unto Christ" (Mode I)
1.17 Dynamis (Mode I) By K. Pringos (1964)
1.18 Cherubic Hymn (Mode II) By Monk Ephraim
1.19 Communion Verse "The Lord Sent Salvation" (Mode I) By H. Taliadoros

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