Saints & Exiles

Saints & Exiles: Lonesome Navigator

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Artist: Saints & Exiles

Artist: Saints & Exiles
Title: Lonesome Navigator

Formed in early 2009, Saints and Exiles is the brainchild of Boston guitarist Brendan Mulhern. Combining the heavy sounds of his favorite metal influences with indie and blues rock textures and his own wiritng and playing style, Saints and Exiles aims to be an original and dynamic rock band. 'The Lonesome Navigator' is their ambitious debut. A heavy, loud, energetic, and yet emotional and thoughtful album, filled with characters burning with cynicism, consumed by fear, crippled with guilt, and yet ever striving for hope and love - a paradise just beyond the horizon, reachable only if they're willing to sail a little further into the storm.

1.1 The Janus Gate
1.2 Animal Bomb
1.3 We Are the Dead
1.4 Anarchy at the Elks
1.5 Every Day
1.6 This Desperate Veil
1.7 Wretched Man
1.8 A Cascade of Shattered Glass
1.9 The Lonesome Navigator

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