Sal Anthony

Sal Anthony: It's That Time of Year Again

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Artist: Sal Anthony

Artist: Sal Anthony
Title: It's That Time of Year Again

Sal Anthony is not a household name, yet. He should Be. His track samples display his range in style from pop to gospel.Exudes the whiskey smooth flow of a young Neil Diamond,moves you to bow your head and hum along as you would with your favorite hymn.You'll want to add this to your Christmas collection to enjoy year after year.

1.1 Good King Wenceslas - Sal Anthony, Traditional
1.2 Because It's Christmas - Sal Anthony, Sussman, B
1.3 Only Those - Sal Anthony, Dawson, Mary
1.4 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Sal Anthony, Martin, Hugh
1.5 Long Distance Christmas - Sal Anthony, Dawson, Mary
1.6 Winter Wonderland - Sal Anthony, Smith, Dick
1.7 My Favorite Christmas Story - Sal Anthony, Roth, Michael
1.8 Greater Than That - Sal Anthony, Dawson, Mary
1.9 Jingle Bells - Sal Anthony, Pierpoint, J
1.10 Unspeakable Gift - Sal Anthony, Dawson, Mary
1.11 It's That Time of Year - Sal Anthony, Dawson, Mary

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