Salim Ghazi Saeedi

Salim Ghazi Saeedi: Iconophobic

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Title: Iconophobic
Label: CD Baby

'Think of the Peter Gabriel IV with all sorts of intriguing, self-generated sounds...' - iO Pages Magazine #96, René Yedema 'Without information freely given, the visceral heart of the creator will serendipitously change you.' - Stave Magazine, Christy Claxton ' I was kept surprised throughout my first listen and more intrigued and very much at attention by my third listen to Iconophobic' -, Lee Henderson 'We can appreciate the writing skills of Salim and his great imagination to create images and sound to merge styles that are located far apart midway between East and West. [Translated from Italian]' -Arlequins webzine, Jessica Attene The moment I came out of my mother's womb, I cried. Now, after finishing 'Iconophobic' I know why. That deep void was a reality that I lost. I followed some chords. Hoping that they lead to the umbilical cord... I used the screaming guitars, classical instruments, electronic beats and even sound effects to grumble, pour out my heart, mourn and rejoice repetitively. Here are short descriptions that are accompanied by each track in CD's booklet: [1] Composer's Laughter A rival between million hopes and one guffaw [2] A Satire on Hell "Philosophy...refers to incessant posing of questions that have no answers." - [3] And My Heart Aches Like 100 Aching Hearts When I realized that man's true inner being is retarded [4] Asiyeh To an extraordinary and mythical friend [5] The Songful Song of Songbirds a.k.a. The phobic representation of iconophobia. [6] Transcend Ecstasy with Ecstasy Complain not... And by practice prolong the chaos. [7] Don't You See the Cheerful Rainbow? Rainbow told me to fall in love a lot; not occasionally [8] Music is Haram Some people believe that creating and listening to music is sin. [9] Dance in Solitude The final resort to eternal loneliness of mankind is dance... in solitude. [10] Eternal Melancholy of Loving Women As it brings about millions of births and deaths [11] Give My Childhood Back Give... Give my.... Give my childhood... Give my childhood back! BASTARDS! [12] Breast-Milk When you feel insecure and naked [13] I Am Beautiful, Are You Beautiful? Being OK is not enough.

1.1 Composer's Laughter
1.2 A Satire on Hell
1.3 And My Heart Aches Like 100 Aching Hearts
1.4 Asiyeh
1.5 The Songful Song of Songbirds
1.6 Transcend Ecstasy with Ecstasy
1.7 Don't You See the Cheerful Rainbow?
1.8 Music Is Haram
1.9 Dance in Solitude
1.10 Eternal Melancholy of Loving Women
1.11 Give My Childhood Back
1.12 Breast-Milk
1.13 I Am Beautiful, Are You Beautiful?

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