Salty Suites: We All Go Down Together

Salty Suites: We All Go Down Together
Title: We All Go Down Together
Label: CD Baby

With a love for acoustic & traditional music The Salty Suites explore a common thread that binds it all together. Scattered around Southern California the band came together for the first time by chance in Central California performing at a state mental institution for the criminally insane. The band continues to write & perform fueled by a deep appreciation for what each member brings to the musical experience. At the core of The Salty Suites is a strong belief in the power of music & it's ability to move people. The hope is that the recordings translate to others the joy & emotion experienced by the band when they perform live. The band is very excited to share their third attempt at making a recording.

1.1 Have Mercy
1.2 Sit By Me
1.3 Oh My My
1.4 Listen Up
1.5 Lovejoy
1.6 Huckleberry Sky
1.7 And I Sing
1.8 Goodbye Ojai
1.9 Live Until We Die
1.10 Go Easy
1.11 Brand New Key
1.12 Seattle

Salty Suites: We All Go Down Together

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