Sam Broussard

Sam Broussard: Veins

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Artist: Sam Broussard

Artist: Sam Broussard
Title: Veins

The only normal thing about Veins is the use of verse and chorus forms from pop and traditional music. There the normal ends. Mostly these are story songs and they can sound simple depending on who you are, but the situations are not simple and neither is the music. This is foreground music for the mind and heart, provoking emotions not usually encountered by thinking, feeling people. There are levels within levels and always a new depth found below the one just found. The lyrics are intense explorations into the lives of women like soldier's wives and fading porno stars, and men like soldiers and veterans who keep pigeons on the roof of an apartment building. These people are jazzed to poetic heights by sexual tension, demented parents and other impossible situations. They tell their stories in the frames of memorable melodies and almost symphonic harmonies, and occasionally in French. This is not party music unless you bring all of your highs and lows to every party.

1.1 Veins
1.2 The Neighborhood Punch
1.3 The Devil's Got You By the Tail
1.4 A Thousand Years
1.5 Good Little Girl
1.6 Three Women
1.7 John
1.8 Going Out Like I Came in
1.9 Ave Maria
1.10 Oyu
1.11 Le Champs D'oignon
1.12 Au Revoir
1.13 Times Like These

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