Sam Sapp

Sam Sapp: Songs of the Woods

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sam Sapp

Title: Songs of the Woods
Label: CD Baby

Sam Sapp resides in Northeast Ohio. As a volunteer naturalist and mountain dulcimer player Sam blends the wonders of the natural world with eclectic music and sometimes quirky lyrics in 'Songs of the Woods.' How much do we know about common animals around us? How much do our children and grandchildren know about them? In "Songs of the Woods," Sam plays and sings about toads, owls, red foxes, bats, slugs, spiders, fireflies, bumble bees, Monarch butterflies, opossums, beavers, and skunks revealing facts about each that are unknown to most of us. Accompanying Sam and his mountain dulcimer are a number of guest artists including: the project producer Michael Grady - guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo, percussion, and voice harmony, Cathy Miller - fiddle, cello, viola, and voice harmony, Jan Hammond - mountain dulcimer, bass mountain dulcimer, and voice harmony (Who am I? and Don't Need No Stinkin' Camouflage), Chip Brady - guitar (Twinkie D. Possum), and Rhiannon and Logan Miller - vocals (Fireflies). I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the following that caught the vision of "Songs of the Woods." To Jan Hammond for sharing her musical talents. Her encouragement and direction helped me pursue this dream. To David Kovach for his creativeness and expertise in the CD cover design. To freelance naturalist Sarah Matheny for her help in validating the lyrics and writing the "Fun Facts" section of the available songbook. And to, Michael Grady and Cathy Miller who, through their musical talents, helped transform my songs and lyrics into the creative pieces of work they are. Without them, this CD and songbook would have remained only a dream..

1.1 Slug and I
1.2 I'm a Toad
1.3 Who Am I?
1.4 Red Fox
1.5 Batty!
1.6 Hey Spider!
1.7 Fireflies
1.8 What's That Buzzing?
1.9 Monarch Magic
1.10 Twinkie D. Possum
1.11 I'm Not Sure They Are Here
1.12 Don't Need No Stinkin' Camouflage!

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