Sam Sniper

Sam Sniper: We're Not Coming Back This Way

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sam Sniper

Title: We're Not Coming Back This Way
Label: CD Baby

Give me liberty or give me Sam Sniper. Hailing from Athens Georgia, Sam Sniper is a country funk jungle rock band or better known as a post alt-country. Their soon to be released debut album, We're Not Coming Back This Way, is the culmination of a yearlong self-produced self-recorded effort by members Andrew Klein and Chris Barnett. Drawing on songs written collaboratively by the two, We're Not Coming Back This Way deals with love, heartbreak, purpose, and intergalactic jungle warfare. . Inside a single song the music can move from country ramble to explosive rock, grooving together within the warm embrace of pop sensibility.

1.1 Heart, Beat
1.2 Dragons
1.3 Cancertowne
1.4 When All of Our Sins Are Good
1.5 Bitter Heart's Radio
1.6 This
1.7 Comfortable Hypocrisy
1.8 My Home
1.9 Captain Boughman
1.10 Country Blue
1.11 Love on the Run
1.12 Loneliness
1.13 We're Not Coming Back This Way
1.14 Best of Me

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