Samantha Moore

Samantha Moore: Iron Hart

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Samantha Moore

Artist: Samantha Moore
Title: Iron Hart

Samantha Moore, known as Lady Ambra Michelli (in the Society for Creative Anachronism or "SCA"), is a singer and songwriter known for her powerful voice and her stirring songs of epic battles and medieval war.

1.1 For Her I Dare
1.2 Song of the Red War Boat
1.3 The Peasant Knight
1.4 Argent and Azure
1.5 Folk of the Plaid
1.6 Captain, Oh Captain
1.7 Belt and Chain
1.8 Atlantian Steel
1.9 Who Serve the Soldiers?
1.10 Hardrada's Bane
1.11 Song of the Shieldwall
1.12 I Am Able

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