Samantha Parks: Everything I Am

Samantha Parks: Everything I Am
Title: Everything I Am
Label: CD Baby

Samantha Parks, a singer songwriter with a simple and honest approach, has written impassioned music that has a way of intimately reaching out to her audience. Although her music is acoustic based, the arrangements go much deeper. Samantha's country and pop influences have created a voice fresh and unique - a voice her listeners are able to recognize as one truly her own. Born and raised in the small town of Hartland, Michigan, Samantha initially discovered her passion for music at a young age, taking part in local school and church choirs. At the age of eight years, Samantha received her first guitar as a gift from her grandparents, and began taking lessons at a local music store with Scott Christopher, with whom she would later record her first album. Samantha did not recognize her own songwriting potential until age thirteen, when her close friend passed away after a hard fought battle with cancer. Overwrought with emotion, Samantha found she was able to channel her feelings best through lyrics. A new passion was born. This new vehemence for songwriting led to Samantha's first three-song CD recorded at age fourteen. This CD was full of music and lyrics from a young musician just beginning to find her own voice. Samantha found that her writing happened naturally as she experienced life and when she picked up her guitar she was able to pour her emotions, experiences, and herself into songs. "I don't make a conscious decision to write about something, it just flows out based on what I am feeling and experiencing at that moment in my life." This spontaneity is exemplified in the song "Sisters" which evolved at age sixteen when her sister Sarah was approaching high school graduation and preparing to leave for college. Samantha also finds inspiration in other places: conversations with friends, family, and acquaintances, reflections upon her own life, and observations of her friends going through various experiences - both good and bad - as reflected in "Six Seconds". Now eighteen years old, partnered with producer Scott Christopher, Samantha has poured her heart into the completion of an eleven song, fully produced album titled "Everything I Am". Samantha's live performances have become a defining role in connecting her music to her fans. Samantha has come into her own musically, and is eager to have her voice, her lyrics, and herself heard.

1.1 Six Seconds
1.2 It's Just Life
1.3 One Sided Love
1.4 The Best Thing
1.5 Moving on
1.6 Unforgotten Memories
1.7 Last Day
1.8 Angel in Disguise
1.9 Beautiful Eyes
1.10 Sisters
1.11 Everything I Am

Samantha Parks: Everything I Am

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