San Francesca

San Francesca: Ghost & the Waves

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Artist: San Francesca

Artist: San Francesca
Title: Ghost & the Waves

San Francesca incorporates a wide array of instrumentation to create a unique sonic texture, combining influences from classical, indie, pop and even hip-hop. Their music and lyrics gravitate toward the cinematic and dark, but the songs remain catchy and inventive. San Francesca (formerly called le Verita) is Star Quach, Cody Rhodes and Harrison Russell. They formed in 2009 and are from the San Francisco Bay Area.

1.1 The Hype Machine
1.2 Honey
1.3 North Star
1.4 The King Has Died
1.5 Mauve (Interlude)
1.6 Mauve
1.7 ;
1.8 La Vipera
1.9 Silver Leaf
1.10 Monterey
1.11 Made of Snakes
1.12 Zürich

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