Sandra Kolstad

Sandra Kolstad: Forever

$38.69 $44.99
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Sandra Kolstad

Title: Forever
Label: Trust
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 The First Deception (The First Guarantee)
1.2 Kyrie (Elysion)
1.3 The Young (Evil) Woman and the Ocean
1.4 Discovery (Every Part a Part of Thee Picture)
1.5 Run Away (Where Are We)
1.6 The Well (We Will Change It All)
1.7 Do the Drive (Gravity Animals)
1.8 Pure (And Punished)
1.9 The Edge (Chasing Ghosts)
1.10 Circles (It's Got Every Little Part of Me Running in)
1.11 Titanic I (Jeg Har Klokker Som GÅR Baklengs)
1.12 Titanic II (Oh How We Waited for This Moment)

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