Sandra Wong & Dominick Leslie

Sandra Wong & Dominick Leslie: Sunny Side Up

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Sandra Wong & Dominick Leslie
Title: Sunny Side Up

A musical playground of music from Sweden, Bulgaria, America, France, and originals played on fiddle, nyckelharpa, mandolin, guitar, bass, banjo and tabla for everyone (both musicians and listeners) to explore, play, stretch, and grow in a joyful space.

1.1 Squirrel Hunters
1.2 Santa Fe SL Ngpolska/ Polonaisse
1.3 Icarus
1.4 Springlek from Lima/ Old Grimes
1.5 Moldavian Circus/ la Sansonette
1.6 11:47/ Humours of Aristotle
1.7 Bingsj Gamla L Ngdans
1.8 Balkanpolska
1.9 Trollrikespolska
1.10 2V1

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