Sara Davis Buechner

Sara Davis Buechner: Complete Piano Works & Assorted

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Product Type: CD

Title: Complete Piano Works & Assorted
Label: Pro-Piano Records

1.1 Three Melodies: Jeanie with Light Brown Hair
1.2 Three Melodies: Beautiful Dreamer
1.3 Three Melodies: de Camptown Races
1.4 Louisiana Suite, Op.97: No.1 the Mississippi Steam-Boat's in Sight
1.5 Louisiana Suite, Op.97: No.2 My Old Kentucky Home
1.6 Louisiana Suite, Op.97: No.3 the Interupted Serenade
1.7 Louisiana Suite, Op.97: No.4 Longing for Home
1.8 Louisiana Suite, Op.97: No.5 Carnival in New Orleans
1.9 Complete Piano Works: Old Folks at Home
1.10 The Old Folks Quadrilles: I. Old Folks at Home
1.11 The Old Folks Quadrilles: II. Oh! Boys, Carry Me Long
1.12 The Old Folks Quadrilles: III. Nelly Bly
1.13 The Old Folks Quadrilles: IV. Farewell, My Lilly Dear
1.14 The Old Folks Quadrilles: V. Cane Brake Jig
1.15 Complete Piano Works: Maria Bach Waltz
1.16 Complete Piano Works: The Tioga Waltz
1.17 Complete Piano Works: Soirree Polka
1.18 Complete Piano Works: The Village Bells
1.19 Complete Piano Works: The Holiday Schottisch
1.20 Complete Piano Works: Santa Anna's Retreat from Buena Vista

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